Scramble is not a random thing. 
It doesn’t mean confusion, mess or disorder. Not even wild behaviours. It's not a computer generated answer, or solution. It doesn’t follow any chaos theory or any sort of systematic unpredictability. 
Scramble is the natural gesture, when spontaneity meets ability. It’s the magic that makes the things uncommon and unique. The mastery of the awareness. The melody that just comes out of you through your instrument, when you know how to play. 
Scramble operates as a collective that love art and make it happens. People that like to mix up different origins, histories, tricks and skills. Ingredients and recipes. Fellows with passion and love for crossing paths
From 2018 with a long way ahead.

ADCI 2018 - Gold+Silver: Digital Craft 
ADCI 2018 - Silver: Outdoor
PX3 PARIS - Silver 
TIFA - Gold