Regione Lazio

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Since 'Winter Is Coming', as John Snow would say, REGIONE LAZIO, one of the Italian Regional Administrations, invites elderly and children to get a vaccination against flu and seasonal ills. Here is the Abominable Bigfoot turning into a submissive child playmate, and the Ferocious White Bear assisting the old lovely lady doing embroidery. 
Winter is not scary anymore, with flu vaccine! This print advertisement, created by Superhumans and in collaboration with the photographer Davide Bellocchio, has been designed by our studio and realised by mixing CGI and photography. Line: Winter is not scary anymore, with flu vaccine. Sub Line: Get the vaccination, you’ll reduce the risk of complications and serious diseases. 

These images have been included in LUERZER's ARCHIVE vol.1/2018, awarded with Gold Prize at TIFA, Silver Prize at PX3 PHOTO and Gold + Silver Prize at the ADCI.

Client: Regione Lazio 
Agency: Superhumans, Rome 
Creative Directors: Luca Albanese, Francesco Taddeucci 
Art Director: Federico Angelieri 
Copywriter: Barbara Bigi 
Photographer: Davide Bellocchio 
Production: Mandala CP 
Close Ups
Final Layouts
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