Sea Prime

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As part as the launch of the new VIP Malpensa and Linate Terminals, in Milan, we directed and designed this video for client's promotional purposes in the upcoming international fairs and events. 
Sea Prime aimed to present all the plus related to a centric location, nestled in the heart of the city life and and immerse in an inspiring landscape, other than top international events and outstanding services.
This is just one of the pieces of the corporate rebranding we have been involved to restyle, based on the concept of the GEM. The original idea was to combine organic and non organic elements mixed together: a natural jewel, wild as a rough crystal gemstone, but integrated beside geometrical, man created shapes.
The design, inspired by precious materials as marble, gold and ruby, depicts several imaginary dioramas, slowly moving along with the voice over. The result is a premium, ‘international’ luxury look and feel.

Cliente: Sea Prime
Director: Naù Germoglio
Modeling, Lighting and Shading: Scramble
Animation: SCRAMBLE
Color Grading and Compositing: SCRAMBLE
Copywriter: Francesca Pagliarini
Voice Over: Liliana Olivieri
Music and Sound Design: Enzo Casucci
Teaser Video
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